Seasonal Family Vegetable Box

Seasonal Family Vegetable Box

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Our Seasonal Box is made up of the vegetables that are in season currently, many of which are from local suppliers depending on the time of year.

This box can be set up for delivery weekly OR fortnightly.


Current Contents


1kg Local Potatoes ("All rounders")

750g Local Dirty Carrots

2 Parsnips

500g Onions

1 Cauliflower

1 Local Turnip

1 Local Cabbage

2 Leeks

1 Spring Onion Bunch

1 Broccoli Head

1 Courgette

250g Scottish White Mushrooms

1 Pepper

100g Green Beans

1 Cucumber

1 Head of Celery

4 Tomatoes

250g Cherry Vine Tomatoes

6 Local Farm Eggs

4 Rolls(Wholemeal or white) (Local)


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Soup Bag - Celery Soup Soup Bag - Celery Soup
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