Family Variety Fruit + Veggie Box Deluxe

Family Variety Fruit + Veggie Box Deluxe

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Choose from 1 to 4 weeks delivery.

From a "pool" of 20 in-season veggies and fruits, we deliver to your door a different mix of 12 products each week, with sufficient quantities of each product. All items are regular types so don't panic but we do follow the UK seasons allowing us to provide the freshest and often very local produce. You benefit from getting a regular weekly veg & fruit box, the contents of which rotate each week. Remember, variety is the spice of life! There can also be a "one-off" mystery item included some weeks.

As well as the fruit and veggies we also include 6 wholemeal rolls and 3 butteries from Wallaces bakers Dundee plus 6 local farm eggs and one punnet of berries each week. (Berries outwith our own growing season will usually be blueberries, but from mid April to mid November we will supply you with local strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or cherries every week.)

Remember, take this option for more than 1 week, and your loyalty discount applies to the whole box, including, eggs, rolls etc.

If you wish any other extras to be added on for more than 1 week, please adjust that item's quantity to 2,3 or 4.

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