Bacon plus 4 White Rolls


Bacon plus 4 White Rolls

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Fife reared Puddledub bacon.

 A pack of local Bacon plus 4 White Rolls from Wallace's Dundee

Order your cut of bacon and whether smoked or un-smoked. Adjust quantity when ordering to tie in with your weekly box number of weeks or for example, 2 which would mean this coming week, then a fortnight for the next one.

Product variations
Middle Bacon Unsmoked
Type: Middle Bacon Unsmoked
£4.00 / pack(s) *
Middle Bacon Smoked
Type: Middle Bacon Smoked
£4.00 / pack(s) *
Back Bacon Unsmoked
Type: Back Bacon Unsmoked
£4.25 / pack(s) *
Back Bacon Smoked
Type: Back Bacon Smoked
£4.25 / pack(s) *

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