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Extras for your Box

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Something missing from your box? You can choose which extras you want here. (Click on Heading to expand choices)

From £1.60 / box(es) *

In stock

"Bitter" Oranges from Seville, Spain. Great for your Marmalade making! Price is per Pound (Equivalent to £3.30 per KG)

Can only be ordered as a local home delivery.

Available January to very early February.

£1.50 / lb *

Available from 07/01/2019 until 03/02/2019

Add on some of our Best Sellers and save 30p on the bundle.

6 Wholemeal Rolls or 6 White Rolls

6 "proper" free range eggs from a local farm

1 punnet of soft fruit (local during our summer, blueberries in winter) 

(Remember to select the quantity to match your number of deliveries if you wish the "Deluxe" option every time) 

Normal price :

£6.25 / unit(s) *
You save 5 %

In stock

Price includes Free Home Delivery if on our local delivery route.