About our Farm Shop

About Blairgowrie Farm Shop

About Blairgowrie Farm Shop

The husband and wife team of Colin Steele and Jennifer Hustler-Steele own and run the Farm Shop. We opened in April 2007 to provide the people of Blairgowrie with fresh local vegetables from around our beautiful county, plus fresh fruits from near and far. It was important to us to create a style of shop which would not look out of place many years ago, as well as a customer service delivery which was exceptional. Hopefully we have created both!

We looked at current greengrocers and other food shops locally, including our large impersonal supermarkets and have provided 99% of our fruit and veg loose, which cuts down on packaging and wastage. So whether you want to do your weekly shop for your large family or just pop in for a couple of onions and a leek for your soup you are very welcome to visit the shop.

Local produce is the most important thing to us. All local Perthshire produce is normally harvested that morning. Away from our own growing season any UK produce sourced, reaches us within 24 hours of being picked. At times like wintertime, some veg has to come from Europe. Again this is only 1 to 3 days old. Freshness is the key to tasty fruit and veg, not supermarket chilling or storage! Our soft fruits like strawberries and raspberries are legendary in this area. Meats, some fruits and a multitude of preserves, honeys, oatcakes, biscuits and dried goods are in abundance in Perthshire, Angus and Fife - So why not use what we have! It not only helps other local businesses and the local economy, but people really appreciate a hub for local goods.

We are not an organic shop however. We do stock some local organic veg, and most of our local meats are organic, but we feel that fresh and local is a better way to go with most of the food that we sell. So why not visit us next time you are in town. Alternatively, try one of our veg or fruit boxes with some meat ordered perhaps; all which can also be ordered online. We are here to help. Customer's always have a choice of where to shop. Hopefully by supporting us and our local suppliers, we and our area will continue to flourish.


Colin & Jennifer

February 2011