Variety Mix with free Berries: 4 Deliveries


Variety Mix with free Berries: 4 Deliveries

The weekly home delivered box comprises of:

5 regular veggies, 5 regular summer fruits, 1 salad item weekly, 6 local farm eggs and a (free) punnet of local strawberries (normal punnet size) freshly picked in Blairgowrie (Blueberries in winter). There is also an option of 10 veggies, 1 salad, 6 eggs and the free berries. Like our other boxes, the contents of the box will change each week as well as with the spring/summer/autumn seasons, ensuring no-one gets bored with the "same old" each week. In spring time we will also let you know when raspberries, blueberries and cherries become available locally and you will have to option to add any additional berries to your order at a special price.

The box is only available to order for a period of 4 home deliveries and payment by ordering here using our "auto-renew" payment method (this payment method is not available on the mobile platform). You can also pay by direct debit once your 1st box has been delivered. This will allow us to renew your order every 4 weeks automatically. You can of course cancel your order, change boxes or skip any weeks anytime and there is no minimum contract term.

The free strawberries are given as a loyalty bonus for ordering with us.

Selection: Variety Mix with free Berries: 4 Deliveries

Product no. Produce: Price
217-0001 10 Fruit & Veggies £78.00 / box(es) *
217-0002 10 Veggies £78.00 / box(es) *

Price includes Free Delivery to your home, where applicable.

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