Blair Box-You choose your Mix


Blair Box-You choose your Mix

(Veggies: Blair Box-Blairgowrie or Rattray Delivery)

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Blair Box-You choose your Mix

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£10.00 / box(es)
You save 9 %

Price includes Free Home Delivery if on our local delivery route.

You decide on your 6 product mix of fruit and veggies.

Any fruits will change type every week of a 4 week cycle. They will always be regular types like bananas, apples, satsumas, pears etc.

The veggies included every week is decided by you. Whether you wish potatoes or onions and carrots each week you can select your fixed choices which then reduces the number of fruits you receive, maintaining the 6 portions plus the eggs. At berry season you will be able to add any local soft fruit onto your order.

There is a £1 discount with the box on any local deliveries on a Friday morning to Blairgowrie or Rattray (town boundries only). Otherwise complete box is £11.00 per week (Includes areas such as Kirriemuir, Dundee and Perth). Payment, other than this initial order will be by Direct Debit ONLY, with a choice of weekly payments, 4 weekly payments, or monthly on a set date.

Ordering: Just select the £10 or £11 box depending on your location. This will give you 6 fruits weekly plus eggs. If any veggies are required select them, which will reduce the number of fruits you get. Simples!

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Veggies Blair Box-Blairgowrie or Rattray Delivery

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