6 Medium Cracked-Wheat Rolls (Wholemeal)

6 Medium Cracked-Wheat Rolls (Wholemeal)

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6 Medium Cracked-Wheat Rolls (Wholemeal)
From £1.80 / 6 Roll(s)

Price includes Free Home Delivery if on our local delivery route.

Kingsway Bakers, Dundee. Fresh Daily (Except Sundays)

If you wish more than 6 rolls, then select the number of weeks you wish the delivery for, then change the number of rolls to 12 per delivery for example. If your fruit/veg box is fortnightly you will of course only get the roll order added every 2 weeks in line with your deliveries.

Selection: 6 Medium Cracked-Wheat Rolls (Wholemeal)

Product no. Discounts Status Price
071-0001 1 Delivery 0% (Great to use as a trial box)
£1.80 / 6 Roll(s) *
Price includes Free Home Delivery if on our local delivery route.
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